Our Honeymoon

6 May

Our honeymoon was so fun. We went to Montville, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. It was nice and cold, and there was heaps to do. We were so glad we didnt choose to go to an island or somewere completely alone because we would have been really bored. I know, its not really the most romantic thing to say, as a newlywed but its so true and we both felt that way.

We went for walks, long drives and ate ALOT of choclate. We got hardly any sleep at night, but made up for it in the middle of the day. I dont know why, but it took a long time to get used to having him next to me, so I would wake up really early because his presence would wake me, and it was already light, so I just went to watch ‘Sunrise’.  Which was a huge mistake, because they had Justin Bieber on everyday and now that song with the ‘baby, baby ooooh’ reminds me of our honeymoon 🙂 We saw our best friends, Ben and Deb three times on our honeymoon- which is, again not very romantic or traditional, but we loved it. Overall, I couldnt have thought of a way our honeymoon could have been better. It was perfect for us.


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