sushi and gold class.

18 May

I thought that once we were married Id stop living for each weekend. I assumed the weekdays would be just as fun because we could come home to each other and sleep in the same bed every night. The weekdays are really fun, but not so much that it stops me from counting down to friday night almost obsessively. Getting to sleep in together, instead of getting up at 5.30am and going to sleep later than 9.00 pm combined with the fun and different things we can do on the weekend makes this my favourite time of the week. Im going to try and take more photos of our weekends so I can record them fully.

Last weekend (15th and 16th) we went to the sushi train at Mt Gravatt and then to see Robin Hood in Gold Class. Id never had sushi before and I was pleasantly suprised, although I could kind of still taste it even after we’d had our sundae in Gold Class. Bit Weird.

Gold Class was good. Very Expensive though, it costs $40 per ticket. We’d been given vouchers for our wedding so used them, Im not sure it would have been worth it otherwise. I love Russell Crowe. Robin Hood was very enjoyable- even for me, I generally dont like violent movies.


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