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An answered prayer.

6 Jul

We had the best weekend! The standout thing about it though, happened on the 3rd of July.

We went to the video shop, and on the door was a lost dog sign, and it said that the Newfoundland missing was very old and not very well. Also, that he needed his ‘special dog medicine’ or he’d die.

This made us very sad, and I suggested we pray about him… we did while we were walking into the supermarket. About ten minutes later we were walking back to the car and we saw the missing dog being walked by his owner, and the man was taking down all the signs! I was so happy I cried.

It really amazed me. The most amazing thing about it wasn’t that he found his dog, rather that I saw that the dog was found. I would have thought about the lost dog for weeks, if I hadn’t seen him.

🙂 The weekend was amazing other than that too. We spent Saturday night eating pasta, drinking non alcaholic wine and watching Shrek.

On Sunday we went to church, shopping and then to Max Brenner on the Gold Coast.

Oh, and one last thing- WE’RE GETTING ALICE ON SATURDAY.