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My unisex baby mobile.

31 Jan

Ok, so I know Ill have to write a post on making my peace with becoming a mother soon, because it really is something that occupies my thoughts alot at this time of my life. For now the story is that we are going to start trying nearer the end of the year, its been planned for quite some time. Most of the time that excites me and I feel like I can do that and would love to bring a new baby into my family… other times it scares me more than you would believe!

Mostly I think its my ideaology of what a mother is that bothers me… I really dont want to become a pudgy, frumpy sort of person who pushes a pram around the shopping centre. I want to be a fit, cool, YOUNG mother. I want to go on holidays and have fun with my husband both with and without the babies. Anyway, thats something I have to work towards, I know it will take effort because even now it takes effort not to just eat toast for dinner and hang around the house on weekends. The Rockstar Diaries blog has always inspired me to do fun things with my husband, and since Naomi is literally just about to have a baby, Im sure it will continue to inspire during this next stage of my life.

Anyway, now that’s explained… During one of my periods of excitement about having a baby (some time soon) I made a baby mobile. It took me one saturday afternoon, 3 episodes of Foyles War and the whole of the Godfather 3 to make it, and I enjoyed pretty much every minute of it. Im very happy with the finished product, If I do say so myself.

It was alot of fun to make. I cant wait to hang it up in the spare room…eventually.


Farmers Market.

30 Jan

So, that New Years Resolution I had to buy from the markets instead of the shopping centre was met for the first time this year today! Its really appalling, I know. Its only on Sundays, and we already have church at 8am, so we have to get up extra early.

It was great though. Its so nice there. Such a nice atmosphere. It smells like smoke from the smoked Salmon.

Cleveland Markets.


27 Jan








Im so happy to be a redhead!

The Kings Speech.

21 Jan

I dont know what it is about movies based on the English Monarchy, but I can’t help but love them. The Kings Speech was no exception. Even Andrew liked it, and he really isn’t the sort to love movies about Kings and Queens. He likes stories about people who triumph over or shock Kings and Queens! Much to my annoyance.

Ive loved Colin Firth since Pride and Prejudice. Ofcourse, I was only 5 then, so by saying that I mean from the time I saw Pride and Prejudice which would have been when I was about 15.

I loved the Queen… or Queen mother now, I guess.  I couldn’t stop thinking about Alice in Wonderland whenever she spoke… The scene with the pigs under her feet kept rolling around in my head.

Alice’s first swim at the beach!

18 Jan

This weekend we went to the Gold Coast to give Alice her first swim on a beach, (she’s already swam in a pool). She didnt really like it, and only went in to get her ball. Andrew was very disappointed and really wants a dog that loves water.

After that, I wandered around and took photos while Andrew went swimming at the human beach, which is significantly better looking


16 Jan

On Wednesday afternoon Andrew and I went with mum and Dave to see if we could see the citycats and the other boats that had to be moved out of the Brisbane river because of the flood. The news said they had been moved to the Manly boat harbour, at Wynnum-which is where Andrew lived before we got married. Now he’s a Redlands boy 🙂

My Brisbane.

14 Jan

I love Brisbane. Its MY city. Its where my mother would take me during the days occasionally as a three year old. Its where Andrew and I went on the day he proposed. Its where we had our wedding night. We have spent countless days and nights there in our 21 years.

Its heartbreaking to see it as it is now.

This is in the CBD

Thisis where work gets their vegetables from.

That building is ‘royal on the park’, which is where I had my high school formal.

This is Southbank… This path is ages from the river, normally. Ive walked along there so many times.

The building with the dome on top is the Brisbane Marriott, where we had our wedding night. We walked alon a path in front of it the morning after, which is now not visible for the water.

photos from here.