My unisex baby mobile.

31 Jan

Ok, so I know Ill have to write a post on making my peace with becoming a mother soon, because it really is something that occupies my thoughts alot at this time of my life. For now the story is that we are going to start trying nearer the end of the year, its been planned for quite some time. Most of the time that excites me and I feel like I can do that and would love to bring a new baby into my family… other times it scares me more than you would believe!

Mostly I think its my ideaology of what a mother is that bothers me… I really dont want to become a pudgy, frumpy sort of person who pushes a pram around the shopping centre. I want to be a fit, cool, YOUNG mother. I want to go on holidays and have fun with my husband both with and without the babies. Anyway, thats something I have to work towards, I know it will take effort because even now it takes effort not to just eat toast for dinner and hang around the house on weekends. The Rockstar Diaries blog has always inspired me to do fun things with my husband, and since Naomi is literally just about to have a baby, Im sure it will continue to inspire during this next stage of my life.

Anyway, now that’s explained… During one of my periods of excitement about having a baby (some time soon) I made a baby mobile. It took me one saturday afternoon, 3 episodes of Foyles War and the whole of the Godfather 3 to make it, and I enjoyed pretty much every minute of it. Im very happy with the finished product, If I do say so myself.

It was alot of fun to make. I cant wait to hang it up in the spare room…eventually.


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