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While dad is away…

19 Feb

We take photos!

Today Andrew had to help pick up some furniture for his brother, who is in the army and is moving up to Darwin in one month. So, Alice and I went for a long walk with my mum and then came home to a boiling hot house… Its almost AUTUMN and its not showing any signs of getting cooler 😦 Anyway, we decided to spend some time taking photos since I recently got a tripod for the purpose of self timed photos. It was alot of fun! I kind of wish I could find a remote trigger for my camera, but the only ones I can find are for DSLRs… and I have a fujifilm ‘bridge’ camera. Ill have to research it a bit more.

Alice is pretty good at having her photo taken when the photographer is behind the camera and can make funny little noises that make her tilt her head. She wasn’t too good with the tripod though, she kept looking for her ugly purple pig toy, so I just sat the toy on top of the camera, and that solved it!

This is Alice and her purple pig. I got it for her because I wanted her to have a stuffed toy, that wasn’t so pretty that I wouldn’t mind it getting destroyed. I never expected it to be her favourite toy! She loves just lying around squeaking its tummy. Funny girl.