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Life of Late.

13 Mar

Life has been a little bit stressful lately. My mother is going to England soon and Im going to have a lot of extra work responsibility- the sort of responsibilities that will have huge consequences if I make mistakes. So I’ve been trying to learn that side of the business.

Also, Andrew and I have been trying to sort out our money… because recently we’ve been having alot of direct debits come out of our main bank account and not knowing when the money was supposed to come out, so overdraft fees have been pretty regular around here. Also, we’ve been a bit short of money lately… so Im selling some of my books on ebay! Its very freeing. I have way too many books. I buy every book I want to read, instead of borrowing from friends or the library.

On the up side, my mums friend is coming to visit from Victoria. Its always really fun when she comes up!

I don’t know If Ive blogged about this before, but We’ve booked our tickets to Melbourne… from the 26th of July to the 6th of August. I can’t wait. Im already starting to dread leaving Alice for that long though. 🙂 She is just like a baby to me.  

I can’t wait to be down in Melbourne… Having dinner on Lygon Street in Carlton, wandering through the little alleys and driving along the Great Ocean Road.

The Great Ocean Road.


10 Mar

I found my old blog from when I was 16… on msn spaces. Its amazing remembering all that went on back then! I found this one entry from just after my birthday in 2006.

27 April

boredome, bums!

well… im rather bored!
ive already told u about movieworld- kind of, so i feel theres nothing else to say.
life has been pretty dull since tuesday this week- around the time school commenced, actually.
Andrew came here on Tuesday…. its was fun and he was here for a long time compared to the normal amount.\
it involved fun activities…
what ever else shall i say?
well, on saturday me and amber, jo and angelas friend rachel are going to angelas house coz its her birthday on Monday- shes going to be as old as i am!!!- ancient-like.
what else? tomorrow is cross country and i am going because a)Jo wants me too and b)Andrews snorkelling so theres no point in being home early. itll be ok, the worst part will be wearing the sports shirt- coz ill never ever wear the full sports uniform in my life!
oh and i shant…….. run. running in these things is for the little grade 8s and the sporty-types, which, despite losing some weight recently ( noticable to others or not) is not me.
Can i tell you something about Movieworld and other scary places? it would be WONDERFUL if there was a lacking of PEER PRESSURE- now, when in grade 7 and such, i was told that in high school i would be pressured towards taking drugs and having sex… i am yet to meet with such things, but when in theme parks i understand what they meant about peer pressure- its a horrid force within other humans ( your peers) which compels them to try and convince you to go on rides that you really dont want to.
If only they were pressuring me towards drugs and sex- it would be so much easier!!!
alas, the world will not change by my meaningful writings on msn spaces…
love m
ha! I still have that opinion about peer pressure! I dread theme parks.


8 Mar

Im failing my New Years Resolutions… I havent been posting twice a week, or made something interesting for the month of february! I dont really feel too guilty about it either, because in the past Ive always had to find a reason to get off the computer, where as recently Ive had a lot of time to do whatever I want but have been choosing to do other things- which is a good thing, really! Oneof the things Im quite obsessed with at the moment is Wasgij Jigsaw puzzles by Jumbo.



The above puzzle isnt the one Im doing at the moment, but Its one Id love to get!

They are different from normal puzzles because the picture on the box isn’t the picture you make with the pieces!  The one Im making at the moment is a picture of a busy street in the 1800s, and the picture Im making up is of the same busy street, decades later… Its alot of fun! The pictures are so funny too.

Im quite addicted to doing these puzzles, like ‘go to bed way too late’ addicted! Im going to try and keep up with my resolutions though, so hopefully Ill be able to resist them in the future.


The Red Tent.

2 Mar

Recently I’ve been engrossed in this book, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant.


Its the story of Dinah, Jacob from the bible’s daughter. Most people who have had any sort of biblical education know the story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah. Its quite memorable because Jacob falls in love with Rachel, promises her dad that he will work 7 years for him if he can marry her, and then when its time for them to be married, its Leah under the veil on their wedding night. That story always made me so angry! The Red Tent is about Leahs only daughter.

Im so interested in this book, the actual story of Dinah is good, but Im more interested in the way they deal with women coming of age. I haven’t researched the factual aspects of this book, and I will when Im finished, but it seems that menstruation was treated with alot more respect at that stage in History. It wasn’t something brushed under the carpet. Mothers didn’t just sneakily hand over a packet of concealed pads and never mention it again. Young girls weren’t ashamed… becoming a woman was an honour!

Its made me think about the differences between that and how our current society considers menstruation. I want to be proud that I can produce another life if I so choose! I don’t want my daughters too ashamed to tell me when they start menstruating. I want them to appreciate womanhood.

I don’t think The Red Tent was written by a Christian, but its still a very good book.

Now Im off to go finish it!