The Red Tent.

2 Mar

Recently I’ve been engrossed in this book, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant.


Its the story of Dinah, Jacob from the bible’s daughter. Most people who have had any sort of biblical education know the story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah. Its quite memorable because Jacob falls in love with Rachel, promises her dad that he will work 7 years for him if he can marry her, and then when its time for them to be married, its Leah under the veil on their wedding night. That story always made me so angry! The Red Tent is about Leahs only daughter.

Im so interested in this book, the actual story of Dinah is good, but Im more interested in the way they deal with women coming of age. I haven’t researched the factual aspects of this book, and I will when Im finished, but it seems that menstruation was treated with alot more respect at that stage in History. It wasn’t something brushed under the carpet. Mothers didn’t just sneakily hand over a packet of concealed pads and never mention it again. Young girls weren’t ashamed… becoming a woman was an honour!

Its made me think about the differences between that and how our current society considers menstruation. I want to be proud that I can produce another life if I so choose! I don’t want my daughters too ashamed to tell me when they start menstruating. I want them to appreciate womanhood.

I don’t think The Red Tent was written by a Christian, but its still a very good book.

Now Im off to go finish it!


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