10 Mar

I found my old blog from when I was 16… on msn spaces. Its amazing remembering all that went on back then! I found this one entry from just after my birthday in 2006.

27 April

boredome, bums!

well… im rather bored!
ive already told u about movieworld- kind of, so i feel theres nothing else to say.
life has been pretty dull since tuesday this week- around the time school commenced, actually.
Andrew came here on Tuesday…. its was fun and he was here for a long time compared to the normal amount.\
it involved fun activities…
what ever else shall i say?
well, on saturday me and amber, jo and angelas friend rachel are going to angelas house coz its her birthday on Monday- shes going to be as old as i am!!!- ancient-like.
what else? tomorrow is cross country and i am going because a)Jo wants me too and b)Andrews snorkelling so theres no point in being home early. itll be ok, the worst part will be wearing the sports shirt- coz ill never ever wear the full sports uniform in my life!
oh and i shant…….. run. running in these things is for the little grade 8s and the sporty-types, which, despite losing some weight recently ( noticable to others or not) is not me.
Can i tell you something about Movieworld and other scary places? it would be WONDERFUL if there was a lacking of PEER PRESSURE- now, when in grade 7 and such, i was told that in high school i would be pressured towards taking drugs and having sex… i am yet to meet with such things, but when in theme parks i understand what they meant about peer pressure- its a horrid force within other humans ( your peers) which compels them to try and convince you to go on rides that you really dont want to.
If only they were pressuring me towards drugs and sex- it would be so much easier!!!
alas, the world will not change by my meaningful writings on msn spaces…
love m
ha! I still have that opinion about peer pressure! I dread theme parks.

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