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Old Wives Tales or not…

21 May

So, I have spoken before about wanting a baby, and have revealed that there is definitely a plan in place.

Now that the agreed upon month is creeping up on us, I have begun preparing a little bit.

Firstly, I went out and bout Folic Acid and a pre conception vitamin thing called Conceive well.


I’ve also started charting my BBT ( Basal body temperature). Which is my temperature upon waking… I had to buy a special accurate thermometer for it. Also, I have to take my temperature the same time each day, which means I’ll be setting my alarm for 5am on the weekends, because that’s when I wake up on the weekdays.

The chart will indicate at which point of the month Ovulation occurs.. and therefore when pregnancy is most likely to occur.

Now, I will confess to you that I am using my BBT chart for my own agenda. You see, husband wants a little boy, and I want a little girl… I have been doing some research and although its far from fool-proof, you can increase your chances of having a girl by TTC, but stopping 2 days before ovulation is supposed to occur. This is because the girls can live longer, but are slower. I think its worth a try! It’s not as though I’ll be upset if I have a boy, they are gorgeous also!

I used to shy away from mummy blogs, but now that I’m starting to think about becoming a mother, I’m really enjoying reading.


Where I Grew Up.

19 May

I love where I live. Its perfect.

Whenever I go to the City (Brisbane) I’m just amazed that I grew up here, and that I can call this City mine. Its home.

I thought Id share a few photos of a bit closer to home… this is at Cleveland Point.

I love my church.

8 May

Today was mothers day, so every woman at my Church was given the cutest Babushka doll!

The back spells out the word LOVED and the big one has Happy Mothers Day written on its tummy.

I hope all the Mothers had a great Mothers Day!

I certainly had alot of fun thinking that I could be a Mother this time next year.

Mothers Day.

6 May

Yesterday I was struck with the thought that if all goes to plan, I will have a baby this time next year. It was a crazy, exciting, terrifying thought…

Whenever anyone (my family, friends, workmates… people at the bank?) asks me when Im going to have children I always say ‘ I dont know, a year or so’. and I act like its undecided. It is FAR from undecided! However, for some reason I feel really weird saying ‘hopefully next may’… and the thought of telling them when we’re going to start trying creeps me out! I dont want people asking me if Im pregnant yet, once we get to that month.

Getting pregnant and having a baby is something Ive always wanted- while we were engaged I was more excited about having a baby than getting married. However, now Im not excited at all about the thought of having a baby. I dont know whether this is just how it is for people who have planned pregnancies, or not. Judging from personal experience though  could be how its going to be for me. I was really excited about my wedding untill it got about three months from the day, and then I was just nervous and scared! I think that may be what Im experiencing about right now, because I know I still want a baby, I havent changed my mind. Lots of people make decisions out of their excitement… Ive always been the sort to weigh up everything and come to a decision sensibly and without emotion… maybe thats what is happening here. I dont know.

I do know that between the time we start trying and the first pregnancy test will feel SO LONG to me! I seriously take about 3 tests a month at the moment just to make sure Im not pregnant (I bought the tests in bulk on ebay)so waiting to find out I am will be excruciating. I dont know how some people get to be four months without knowing!I know that telling my family will be one of the weirdest things I ever do… Im already thinking about how to tell my dad. My mum is easy because Ill tell her straight away, Ill ring her and say ‘so I took a pregnancy test and it was positive’ (Im not the sort to tell in any special way… I dont like attention on me). Another thing I know is that everyone will be so happy about it!

I really do want a baby. Im just not really excited about it all the time. Sometimes I am and sometimes Im not and I worry that I will lose interest in everything except baby stuff. I worry sometimes that Ive pushed myself into a corner with my previous thoughts on how my life is going to turn out. I need to stop worrying and just leave everything to God. He’s a pretty good planner.

At church on Sunday they were giving out a book advertising their service on Mothers Day, and in the book were lots of beautiful pictures of young mums and their pink, pudgy babies. I really do want that. I want to have a baby to hug, to dress up and to raise the way God would want. I want to teach them to think for themselves and question the world, and a million other qualities that seem to have gone missing from the World today. I really do want to raise a child, lots of children.

Im just scared to death.