Old Wives Tales or not…

21 May

So, I have spoken before about wanting a baby, and have revealed that there is definitely a plan in place.

Now that the agreed upon month is creeping up on us, I have begun preparing a little bit.

Firstly, I went out and bout Folic Acid and a pre conception vitamin thing called Conceive well.


I’ve also started charting my BBT ( Basal body temperature). Which is my temperature upon waking… I had to buy a special accurate thermometer for it. Also, I have to take my temperature the same time each day, which means I’ll be setting my alarm for 5am on the weekends, because that’s when I wake up on the weekdays.

The chart will indicate at which point of the month Ovulation occurs.. and therefore when pregnancy is most likely to occur.

Now, I will confess to you that I am using my BBT chart for my own agenda. You see, husband wants a little boy, and I want a little girl… I have been doing some research and although its far from fool-proof, you can increase your chances of having a girl by TTC, but stopping 2 days before ovulation is supposed to occur. This is because the girls can live longer, but are slower. I think its worth a try! It’s not as though I’ll be upset if I have a boy, they are gorgeous also!

I used to shy away from mummy blogs, but now that I’m starting to think about becoming a mother, I’m really enjoying reading.



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