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I am NOT pregnant, but I would forgive you for assuming so.

20 Jun

Over the last two weeks I have been rearranging our spare bedroom into this-

Yes, I am aware I am slightly mad. It was alot of fun though, and Im the sort of person who would get stressed if I still had to paint and move furniture around after I was pregnant. Now I just have to buy alot of stuff… but I am making myself wait for the big items like a cot and pram. I am aware that If we have trouble conceiving this is going to be the room I walk past and cry… but lets just hope it happens nice and quick… and If a baby never gets to use it, I know a little puppy who already likes it quite a bit.

It looks so tiny in these photos. It is a small room, but there is a little bit of space not pictured, so its not cupboard-sized, like it looks here.

I think Im the only person in the history of the world to be this prepared… all the blogs I read talk about ‘getting the nursery done’ like, three-ish weeks before the birth. So if you know a blog owned by another crazy like me, please leave the address in the comments 🙂