21 Aug

We’ve been home from Victoria for two weeks, and since we got back life has been pretty hectic. It was busy before we left, but having ten days away, doing nothing but eating deliciousness, reading in front of fires and site-seeing makes our normal lives seem insane!

Being away always make me realise

a) How much I LOVE being Australian. Seeing different parts of our country makes me realise how blessed I was to be born here.

and b) That I ‘ do enough site-seeing and touristy things in my own city of Brisbane. I have been motivated to visit the information centre next time I go into the City and have a look at whats going on in my own city. I swear tourists learn heaps more about the places they’re visiting than the people who live there already!

We managed to not spend too much money in Melbourne, because we only bought 23kg of check in luggage, but without a doubt the BEST purchase I made were these Cocker Spaniel bookends from the Art Gallery in Melbourne!

I was pretty much hyperventilating when I saw these, because at home I have a living, breathing one of them!

I missed Alice and Mr. Fry immensely.

I will be posting more about our Melbourne trip, because I do want to remember every single detail. It was amazing.


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