21 Aug

We’ve been home from Victoria for two weeks, and since we got back life has been pretty hectic. It was busy before we left, but having ten days away, doing nothing but eating deliciousness, reading in front of fires and site-seeing makes our normal lives seem insane!

Being away always make me realise

a) How much I LOVE being Australian. Seeing different parts of our country makes me realise how blessed I was to be born here.

and b) That I ‘ do enough site-seeing and touristy things in my own city of Brisbane. I have been motivated to visit the information centre next time I go into the City and have a look at whats going on in my own city. I swear tourists learn heaps more about the places they’re visiting than the people who live there already!

We managed to not spend too much money in Melbourne, because we only bought 23kg of check in luggage, but without a doubt the BEST purchase I made were these Cocker Spaniel bookends from the Art Gallery in Melbourne!

I was pretty much hyperventilating when I saw these, because at home I have a living, breathing one of them!

I missed Alice and Mr. Fry immensely.

I will be posting more about our Melbourne trip, because I do want to remember every single detail. It was amazing.


Life Lately.

18 Jul

Life has been pretty busy lately.

We’ve just recently gotten Fry, who is much more demanding than Alice, I think because she’s so small she doesnt need as much excercise and generally is just more able to occupy herself with an empty milk bottle or something. Whereas with Fry Ive had to bring out Alice’s kong a bit… and fill it with peanut butter 🙂

One thing Fry has done is teach alice to pull apart her toys to get the squeakers out. As I type this Im lying on a bed amongst a hollow bunny, stuffing and a plastic squeaker. Actually, I just found some old ribbon amongst the stuff that came out of the bunny, so I guess when they stuffed it they were running low on stuffing?

Andrew and I are off to Melbourne soon and this cute couple are going to be looking after fry…

Thats my brother and his girlfriend- who I want as a sister in law… hint hint, Ben.

Ill miss Alice alot while we’re gone, but she’s going to be staying with my mum, so she’ll be happy.

She’s the best puppy.

Well, we go to Melbourne in a week and two days. I still have to book a hire car and two places to stay… and Im not really excited… Im always really excited when I first start planning and get less excited as it gets closer. Im weird.

Im looking forward to Andrew getting to experience a real winter. Here in Queensland its never really cold. If you leave your car out all day and get in it you’ll still have to turn the air conditioning on. Todays top temperature has been 22 degrees celcius (71 degrees F) but in Ballarat , which is where we’re staying in Victoria, the top temp today is 11 degrees celcius (51 degrees F). Exciting!

I will have alot more to blog about when we come back.

I love Melbourne.


17 Jul

On Tuesday the 28th of June we got a new addition to our household.









I am NOT pregnant, but I would forgive you for assuming so.

20 Jun

Over the last two weeks I have been rearranging our spare bedroom into this-

Yes, I am aware I am slightly mad. It was alot of fun though, and Im the sort of person who would get stressed if I still had to paint and move furniture around after I was pregnant. Now I just have to buy alot of stuff… but I am making myself wait for the big items like a cot and pram. I am aware that If we have trouble conceiving this is going to be the room I walk past and cry… but lets just hope it happens nice and quick… and If a baby never gets to use it, I know a little puppy who already likes it quite a bit.

It looks so tiny in these photos. It is a small room, but there is a little bit of space not pictured, so its not cupboard-sized, like it looks here.

I think Im the only person in the history of the world to be this prepared… all the blogs I read talk about ‘getting the nursery done’ like, three-ish weeks before the birth. So if you know a blog owned by another crazy like me, please leave the address in the comments 🙂

Old Wives Tales or not…

21 May

So, I have spoken before about wanting a baby, and have revealed that there is definitely a plan in place.

Now that the agreed upon month is creeping up on us, I have begun preparing a little bit.

Firstly, I went out and bout Folic Acid and a pre conception vitamin thing called Conceive well.


I’ve also started charting my BBT ( Basal body temperature). Which is my temperature upon waking… I had to buy a special accurate thermometer for it. Also, I have to take my temperature the same time each day, which means I’ll be setting my alarm for 5am on the weekends, because that’s when I wake up on the weekdays.

The chart will indicate at which point of the month Ovulation occurs.. and therefore when pregnancy is most likely to occur.

Now, I will confess to you that I am using my BBT chart for my own agenda. You see, husband wants a little boy, and I want a little girl… I have been doing some research and although its far from fool-proof, you can increase your chances of having a girl by TTC, but stopping 2 days before ovulation is supposed to occur. This is because the girls can live longer, but are slower. I think its worth a try! It’s not as though I’ll be upset if I have a boy, they are gorgeous also!

I used to shy away from mummy blogs, but now that I’m starting to think about becoming a mother, I’m really enjoying reading.


Where I Grew Up.

19 May

I love where I live. Its perfect.

Whenever I go to the City (Brisbane) I’m just amazed that I grew up here, and that I can call this City mine. Its home.

I thought Id share a few photos of a bit closer to home… this is at Cleveland Point.

I love my church.

8 May

Today was mothers day, so every woman at my Church was given the cutest Babushka doll!

The back spells out the word LOVED and the big one has Happy Mothers Day written on its tummy.

I hope all the Mothers had a great Mothers Day!

I certainly had alot of fun thinking that I could be a Mother this time next year.