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A Reflection.

15 Apr

Last  Sunday was our one year Anniversary, and I thought I should reflect a bit on the last year before signing off and emotionally beginning the second.

Everyone says that the first year of marriage is the hardest…  but if THAT was the hardest year for us then it’s going to be pretty easy from now on! ( I really don’t believe that its going to be easy) I found the last year only slightly challenging… and I’m pretty sure I’m not wearing rose-coloured glasses. We did experience a few problems right at the beginning, because we expected things to go a bit more smoothly than they did in one area… I cried a bit in the first few months. After we resolved a few issues it went smoothly ever since. We have a lot fewer fights than we did before we got married, eat out a lot less, watch less movies… I really love being married, and even though a year is such a short time, it feels like its been a lot longer. I guess we kind of acted like we were married (always being together, discussing finances etc) before we were married so it wasn’t a shocking transition when we HAD to start doing these things.

I love having a house with my Husband, and a puppy. Even though it can be pretty annoying, I still love doing housework in OUR house, and cooking OUR dinner in the slowcooker. I love reading in bed while Andrew is asleep, knowing that if some one broke in he’d get up in his undies to chase the guy down the street. I even love those days on the weekend when we can’t decide what to do and we have monotonous conversations (“what do you want to do?” “I don’t know what do you want to do?”). I love the days when the house is clean, dinner is organised and we can sit and read together, separately for hours and not feel guilty. I love that I married my favourite person in all the world. My best friend.

I am so thankful to God that he wrote our story this way. I don’t know how I would have found someone to marry if I hadn’t grown up with him because I’m pretty shy and unapproachable looking.

On the inside of our wedding rings are the words ‘amazing grace’. We wanted to have something inscribed and decided on these words for a few reasons. One, of course is that it is a beautiful hymn. Second is that it should be a reminder about how we should treat each other with amazing grace. And lastly, it’s a reminder that God showed amazing grace towards us, in everything he’s done, but also specifically in bringing us together so perfectly. I think I need to remember the words that are engraved inside our rings, and what they mean, more often. I think this will always be my yearly Anniversary goal, but I want to treat Andrew with more grace and to appreciate God’s Grace more during the second year of our Marriage.

Day off!

8 Apr

We had the day off today, because its our anniversary on Sunday!

We went up to the Sunshine Coast because thats where we spent our honeymoon.

It was so nice up there (and cold!). Once we got up to Maleny we couldn’t see further than about 100 metres in front of the car because we were amongst the clouds! We went down to the beach at Caloundra too, we spent some time there on our Honeymoon.

It was great to reminisce.

The road in front of us!

On a normal, sunny day you would see a great view behind us.

The restaurant where we had breakfast this morning is right below our Honeymoon apartment. It was VERY convenient- especially for Andrew and his love of pancakes.


didnt notice until recently, but there is water on the camera lens. Oh well.

It was a great day.

6 months :)

13 Oct