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Will this become a regular thing?

3 Feb

Ok, so I know  have some serious issues with my state of Queensland- you would too if you had to sleep with the fan on at night, when its almost Autumn. However, I do feel an attachment to her, and I love her- there… we have a bit of a love/hate relationship, but I said it anyway! I am the bigger person! Anyway, Queensland has been through quite a bit this year already… the awful Brisbane floods in January, which I blogged about more than once. I went into the city last Friday, and Its suprisingly good looking, but still there are hardly any people there and Southbank’s beach is a building site, which means you can’t see the river when your in Southbank, atleast not in the main bit. 

This month, just last night, theres been a huge Cyclone in Cairns ( where Ive never been, because frankly, Im not going to plan to go anywhere North, and hotter than here!). I dont know too much about the damage, I dont think anyone does yet, but I hope and pray its not too bad. Apparently it kind of dodged the more populated areas, which is good, but still awful for the people living in the affected areas.


As is obvious in the picture, its HUGE! bigger than Tasmania!

I heard that it was 800 kilometres wide and was expected to have winds 295 kilometres per hour, apparently Hurricane Katrina had winds of 340 kph.

I hope everyone is ok, and that it doesnt take too long to recover.

I really hope March doesn’t hold another disaster.