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I love this verse.

16 Feb

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares

                                                                                                                                                  Hebrews 13:2 KJV

Our First Christmas.

26 Dec

Yesterday morning would have to be the first time in so long, that I’ve woken up excited for Christmas morning. I love Christmas, but since I stopped getting kids toys for Christmas I’ve been less enthusiastic… untill now.

Yesterday was mine and Andrews first married Christmas (and Alice’s first Christmas ever)..I was so excited! We were already getting up at 3.30 to open presents and then go to my grandma’s house and help cook the Christmas lunch, but I kept waking up from 2.30 excited!

Alice and I



After we helped Grandma alot we went to my mums to drop Alice off there for the day… and came back and had Christmas lunch with everyone. It was great.. I am almost a vegetarian (Its complicated, but I dont eat meat except at my Grandmas… She puts such a little amount in that Im not forced to think about it. My vegetarianism was never a concious decision, I stopped eating meat because I couldnt stand to eat it because I’d always think about where it came from… so when Im able to not do this I do eat it.) but I ate some Turkey on Christmas Day… it was lovingly prepared by my Grandma and I dont feel bad about it 🙂

Turkey, Stuffing, Roast Potatoes, Parsnip, Carrot, Peas... YUM

Grandma always makes a few Christmas Puddings, but I really dont like cooked fruit… neither does Andrew. So we got little mini Trifles each.

Ancient Santa

My engagement ring, picture taken with my Christmas Present.

Normally, I would just go home after Grandmas, NOT eat dinner and play with my Christmas Presents or watch Carols etc… but since Andrew and I got married in April and this was OUR firt Christmas, we went to visit his mum.

We didnt eat anything there but his Aunty, Grandma, Brother etc were all there and it was nice to see them.

David and Tessa.

 This is Andrews Brother, David and his girlfriend Tessa, who I work with. David is home from the army for six weeks. He’s a funny boy. He’s actually older than Andrew, but way shorter. His mum said she could always tell where he was when he was marching in the army because there would be a person sized gap between two people, and she would know he was inside it somewhere.  I hope they get married. I love both my potential sister-in-laws at the moment.

Our first Christmas was perfect.

An answered prayer.

6 Jul

We had the best weekend! The standout thing about it though, happened on the 3rd of July.

We went to the video shop, and on the door was a lost dog sign, and it said that the Newfoundland missing was very old and not very well. Also, that he needed his ‘special dog medicine’ or he’d die.

This made us very sad, and I suggested we pray about him… we did while we were walking into the supermarket. About ten minutes later we were walking back to the car and we saw the missing dog being walked by his owner, and the man was taking down all the signs! I was so happy I cried.

It really amazed me. The most amazing thing about it wasn’t that he found his dog, rather that I saw that the dog was found. I would have thought about the lost dog for weeks, if I hadn’t seen him.

🙂 The weekend was amazing other than that too. We spent Saturday night eating pasta, drinking non alcaholic wine and watching Shrek.

On Sunday we went to church, shopping and then to Max Brenner on the Gold Coast.

Oh, and one last thing- WE’RE GETTING ALICE ON SATURDAY.