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Easter Egg Hunt.

27 Apr



I had been talking about how much I loved it when my mum would set up Easter egg hunts for us, as children. So Andrew did one for my on Sunday. I know he looks maniacal in that picture, and we did use a laundry basket to collect the eggs in, but it was so much fun!

Life of Late.

13 Mar

Life has been a little bit stressful lately. My mother is going to England soon and Im going to have a lot of extra work responsibility- the sort of responsibilities that will have huge consequences if I make mistakes. So I’ve been trying to learn that side of the business.

Also, Andrew and I have been trying to sort out our money… because recently we’ve been having alot of direct debits come out of our main bank account and not knowing when the money was supposed to come out, so overdraft fees have been pretty regular around here. Also, we’ve been a bit short of money lately… so Im selling some of my books on ebay! Its very freeing. I have way too many books. I buy every book I want to read, instead of borrowing from friends or the library.

On the up side, my mums friend is coming to visit from Victoria. Its always really fun when she comes up!

I don’t know If Ive blogged about this before, but We’ve booked our tickets to Melbourne… from the 26th of July to the 6th of August. I can’t wait. Im already starting to dread leaving Alice for that long though. 🙂 She is just like a baby to me.  

I can’t wait to be down in Melbourne… Having dinner on Lygon Street in Carlton, wandering through the little alleys and driving along the Great Ocean Road.

The Great Ocean Road.

Planning a Melbourne trip.

4 Feb

We’re planning on visiting my second favourite city sometime in July! Yay… I seriously can not wait!

Melbourne is the home of the Queen Victoria Markets, which are just amazing. It also has a strip mall-thing on Bridge Road which is alot of fun. Its full of little laneways with coffee shops, and restauraunts selling soup from big black cauldrons.  It has Trams! I adore Melbourne, and we’re planning on going in July so that we actually get to experience a Winter because here in Brisbane, we still have to have the car air conditioning on in July. I can’t wait to be wrapped up in a scarf and my lion beanie… and boots!



We’re also going to be going to Ballarat, along the Great Ocean Road, and maybe even to Bright and Mount Hotham, to see some snow.

Our New Years Celebrations… or lack thereof.

4 Jan

I have never really been excited about celebrating the new year. I tend to be the sort of person who thinks of it as just another day… you know, one of those boring ones! Andrew however, has always wanted to celebrate, or ATLEAST stay up to midnight, even if he’s just at home while he does it.

This year, my mums friend from Victoria came to visit. She arrived at 11pm on the 31st of december, and since Andrew and I both love her we were going to go with my mum and stepdad to pick her up. So we weren’t intending to really celebrate the new year, but we were going to stay up for it.

So it gets to be about 7.30 and we are both sitting on the couch, Andrew reading while I blog stalk. Mum was due to pick us up at 10pm.  Andrew decides to move to the bedroom… and at about 8.30 he FALLS ASLEEP! I was shocked, but I figured I’d wake him up at 9.30 and he’d come to the airport with me, but when I do he tells me that he’s too tired to come with me. I threatened to tell his mum, because she is really enthusiastic about new years and would be quite appalled. He begged me in a tired, whingey voice not to, and then went back to sleep, and stayed that way untill 7am the next morning!

I ended up taking the little girl instead of Andrew.

It was a great long weekend with Rebecca from Victoria. We went for a long walk, had good conversations and went shopping. I actually bought clothes in real life! I usually only buy clothes on ebay because its easier, cheaper and there are no patronizing shop keepers.

So even though our New Years celebration was not what you would call a celebration, I loved it and would rather do it every year than go out and dance about untill the morning light.

Our First Christmas.

26 Dec

Yesterday morning would have to be the first time in so long, that I’ve woken up excited for Christmas morning. I love Christmas, but since I stopped getting kids toys for Christmas I’ve been less enthusiastic… untill now.

Yesterday was mine and Andrews first married Christmas (and Alice’s first Christmas ever)..I was so excited! We were already getting up at 3.30 to open presents and then go to my grandma’s house and help cook the Christmas lunch, but I kept waking up from 2.30 excited!

Alice and I



After we helped Grandma alot we went to my mums to drop Alice off there for the day… and came back and had Christmas lunch with everyone. It was great.. I am almost a vegetarian (Its complicated, but I dont eat meat except at my Grandmas… She puts such a little amount in that Im not forced to think about it. My vegetarianism was never a concious decision, I stopped eating meat because I couldnt stand to eat it because I’d always think about where it came from… so when Im able to not do this I do eat it.) but I ate some Turkey on Christmas Day… it was lovingly prepared by my Grandma and I dont feel bad about it 🙂

Turkey, Stuffing, Roast Potatoes, Parsnip, Carrot, Peas... YUM

Grandma always makes a few Christmas Puddings, but I really dont like cooked fruit… neither does Andrew. So we got little mini Trifles each.

Ancient Santa

My engagement ring, picture taken with my Christmas Present.

Normally, I would just go home after Grandmas, NOT eat dinner and play with my Christmas Presents or watch Carols etc… but since Andrew and I got married in April and this was OUR firt Christmas, we went to visit his mum.

We didnt eat anything there but his Aunty, Grandma, Brother etc were all there and it was nice to see them.

David and Tessa.

 This is Andrews Brother, David and his girlfriend Tessa, who I work with. David is home from the army for six weeks. He’s a funny boy. He’s actually older than Andrew, but way shorter. His mum said she could always tell where he was when he was marching in the army because there would be a person sized gap between two people, and she would know he was inside it somewhere.  I hope they get married. I love both my potential sister-in-laws at the moment.

Our first Christmas was perfect.

Our Honeymoon

6 May

Our honeymoon was so fun. We went to Montville, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. It was nice and cold, and there was heaps to do. We were so glad we didnt choose to go to an island or somewere completely alone because we would have been really bored. I know, its not really the most romantic thing to say, as a newlywed but its so true and we both felt that way.

We went for walks, long drives and ate ALOT of choclate. We got hardly any sleep at night, but made up for it in the middle of the day. I dont know why, but it took a long time to get used to having him next to me, so I would wake up really early because his presence would wake me, and it was already light, so I just went to watch ‘Sunrise’.  Which was a huge mistake, because they had Justin Bieber on everyday and now that song with the ‘baby, baby ooooh’ reminds me of our honeymoon 🙂 We saw our best friends, Ben and Deb three times on our honeymoon- which is, again not very romantic or traditional, but we loved it. Overall, I couldnt have thought of a way our honeymoon could have been better. It was perfect for us.