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My little brother.

11 Feb

On Saturday my little brother is going to Bah Rain to visit his girlfriend. Bah Rain is and Arab country, an hour from Dubai. I am worried about him, but not really about the country, more about the plane ride and finding the next gate in Dubai. Noone knows how long he’s going for, so I dont really like that I dont know when we’ll see him again. Im sure he’ll be ok though. There will be lots of praying around here!

Thats him, doing what he does best. Since his girlfriend left he’s been on his phone constantly, all hours too because of the time difference.

Last night.

22 Jun

All because two people fell in love.

17 May

Someday Andrew and I will be doing something similar to this 🙂 Hopefully.

“Right now at a picnic shelter down by canyon creek
You’ll find potato salad, hot dogs and baked beans
The whole Wilson family’s lined up filling there paper plates
They drove or flown in here from 15 different states
Stanley Wilson said that sixty years ago he knew
That miss sama tucker was the one
Now five generations get together every June
And all because two people fell in love”

-Brad Paisley.