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She is such a distraction.

30 Aug

Alice is gorgeous. We’ve had her for almost two months now, and love her so much.

Our 2nd visit with Alice.

25 Jun

We’ve decided to name our Cocker Spaniel- Sophie Alice Spiers Broderick.


16 Jun

We’re getting a puppy! She’s a Cocker Spaniel and she’s going to be so beautiful. Her name will be Alice, but at the moment her breeder is calling her Sophie. She’s the smallest puppy in the litter, but there are only three, so its not a big deal.

We went to visit her on Saturday and played with her and her brother and sister, who’s names are Bridget and Hugo. We’re going to see her again in two weeks, and ten go pick her up two weeks after that. We’re so excited, and ave been buying puppy things…. a bed, toys, bowls, puppy pads… It’s so fun.