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8 Mar

Im failing my New Years Resolutions… I havent been posting twice a week, or made something interesting for the month of february! I dont really feel too guilty about it either, because in the past Ive always had to find a reason to get off the computer, where as recently Ive had a lot of time to do whatever I want but have been choosing to do other things- which is a good thing, really! Oneof the things Im quite obsessed with at the moment is Wasgij Jigsaw puzzles by Jumbo.



The above puzzle isnt the one Im doing at the moment, but Its one Id love to get!

They are different from normal puzzles because the picture on the box isn’t the picture you make with the pieces!  The one Im making at the moment is a picture of a busy street in the 1800s, and the picture Im making up is of the same busy street, decades later… Its alot of fun! The pictures are so funny too.

Im quite addicted to doing these puzzles, like ‘go to bed way too late’ addicted! Im going to try and keep up with my resolutions though, so hopefully Ill be able to resist them in the future.