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Day off!

8 Apr

We had the day off today, because its our anniversary on Sunday!

We went up to the Sunshine Coast because thats where we spent our honeymoon.

It was so nice up there (and cold!). Once we got up to Maleny we couldn’t see further than about 100 metres in front of the car because we were amongst the clouds! We went down to the beach at Caloundra too, we spent some time there on our Honeymoon.

It was great to reminisce.

The road in front of us!

On a normal, sunny day you would see a great view behind us.

The restaurant where we had breakfast this morning is right below our Honeymoon apartment. It was VERY convenient- especially for Andrew and his love of pancakes.


didnt notice until recently, but there is water on the camera lens. Oh well.

It was a great day.