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6 months :)

13 Oct


Video killed the radio star.

10 May

I really want to remember every single thing about our wedding and honeymoon, and life after that. That is why i created this blog- because I knew I couldnt be trusted to write in a real diary to record all the funny/sad/wonderful things that happen to us. Our wedding is pretty well documented with the video and all our photos, but I fear our wedding night could be forgotten very soon. Im already forgetting some bits, and it was so nice that I really want to prevent any more memory loss.

So, here goes-

We left our reception at about 4ish and drove all the way to the city in the XR6 with Mum and Dave. Once we got there we realized Andrews brother had taken Andrews wallet out of the car and we couldnt get into the Marriott without Andrew’s I.D. So we had to drive all the way back to Mums house to get the wallet. It was nice to go for a long drive in the car we’d hired and get to talk about the wedding with my mum anyway, so it wasnt a bad thing at all!

Once we got to the Marriott for the second time we went up to reception and signed in. Andrew asked the woman behind the desk what date it was, and she looked at us all dressed in wedding attire and Andrew said – thats right, I should know that (Or something along those lines- see? forgetting already). I was pretty self concious in my wedding dress, but it was fun too. A couple let us take their lift because we’d just gotten married, which was nice. The room was beautiful, I loved the bathroom and the huge bed the best. I jumped on the bed for awhile, which was fun because Ive had a water bed for so long now, I can’t remember the last time I did that. Ill skip a section of our wedding night now, for obvious reasons 😛 Anyway, we had a shower and went to sleep, Kind of- Andrew went to sleep, while I think I got about 3 hours that night. Id washed my hair, and the room was airconditioned- so it was freezing! It wasn’t untill the morning that I realized I could turn it down. As we were trying to sleep we could here the people next door singing ‘video killed the radio star’ over and over at the top of their lungs! Wierd!

We woke up really early- I think it was about 5, because it was so weird to have someone else in the bed. We were both not used to it at all, and took ages to get used to it- it didnt start feeling normal untill we got back from our honeymoon.We were getting a free buffet breakfast, which started at 7 or 8, and we were really hungry as soon as we woke up, so waiting 3 hours wasn’t pleasant. We had a look out our window at the view of the Brisbane River, me hiding behind the curtain while Andrew stands right in front of the open window giving anyone interested in looking at 6 in the morning a great view of his bits.  He pretty soon hid himself once I informed him that people could see him. Funny boy.

We went down to have breakfast, but we only went up to get food once. I dont know why Andrew didn’t eat more, but I felt a bit nervous. It was weird, since the wedding and everything slightly scary was over. We went for a walk along the river, near all the little cafes and markets. We’re usually in church at that time on a sunday, so we commented on the people riding bikes and eating breakfast and said ‘this must be what heathens do on Sunday mornings’. We weren’t being serious or mean, just silly. We know most of them aren’t heathens, and we have often skipped church to do similar things.

Moving swiftly on… We went back upstairs and packed and then met mum, Dave and Rebecca downstairs and they took us home! Where we opened our presents and eventually left for our honeymoon, twice because the first time we forgot the chocolate.

So there it is, future Emily and Andrew – Your wedding night.


3 May

On the Tenth of April this year I married my best friend. It was such a perfect day and I couldn’t be happier with how everything went. Our Photographer was amazing.