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8 Mar

Im failing my New Years Resolutions… I havent been posting twice a week, or made something interesting for the month of february! I dont really feel too guilty about it either, because in the past Ive always had to find a reason to get off the computer, where as recently Ive had a lot of time to do whatever I want but have been choosing to do other things- which is a good thing, really! Oneof the things Im quite obsessed with at the moment is Wasgij Jigsaw puzzles by Jumbo.



The above puzzle isnt the one Im doing at the moment, but Its one Id love to get!

They are different from normal puzzles because the picture on the box isn’t the picture you make with the pieces!  The one Im making at the moment is a picture of a busy street in the 1800s, and the picture Im making up is of the same busy street, decades later… Its alot of fun! The pictures are so funny too.

Im quite addicted to doing these puzzles, like ‘go to bed way too late’ addicted! Im going to try and keep up with my resolutions though, so hopefully Ill be able to resist them in the future.


While dad is away…

19 Feb

We take photos!

Today Andrew had to help pick up some furniture for his brother, who is in the army and is moving up to Darwin in one month. So, Alice and I went for a long walk with my mum and then came home to a boiling hot house… Its almost AUTUMN and its not showing any signs of getting cooler 😦 Anyway, we decided to spend some time taking photos since I recently got a tripod for the purpose of self timed photos. It was alot of fun! I kind of wish I could find a remote trigger for my camera, but the only ones I can find are for DSLRs… and I have a fujifilm ‘bridge’ camera. Ill have to research it a bit more.

Alice is pretty good at having her photo taken when the photographer is behind the camera and can make funny little noises that make her tilt her head. She wasn’t too good with the tripod though, she kept looking for her ugly purple pig toy, so I just sat the toy on top of the camera, and that solved it!

This is Alice and her purple pig. I got it for her because I wanted her to have a stuffed toy, that wasn’t so pretty that I wouldn’t mind it getting destroyed. I never expected it to be her favourite toy! She loves just lying around squeaking its tummy. Funny girl.

Sunday Picnic

6 Feb

Today we had a picnic at Victoria Point after church.

We ate sandwiches.

Alice ate a pine cone.

There were hugs.

And lots of photos, both digital and Holga.

There was a looong swim.

And a daddy to save puppy when she got tired.

There was also a nice scratchy towel for afterwards.

Today was a nice day.

Alice’s first swim at the beach!

18 Jan

This weekend we went to the Gold Coast to give Alice her first swim on a beach, (she’s already swam in a pool). She didnt really like it, and only went in to get her ball. Andrew was very disappointed and really wants a dog that loves water.

After that, I wandered around and took photos while Andrew went swimming at the human beach, which is significantly better looking

Our New Years Celebrations… or lack thereof.

4 Jan

I have never really been excited about celebrating the new year. I tend to be the sort of person who thinks of it as just another day… you know, one of those boring ones! Andrew however, has always wanted to celebrate, or ATLEAST stay up to midnight, even if he’s just at home while he does it.

This year, my mums friend from Victoria came to visit. She arrived at 11pm on the 31st of december, and since Andrew and I both love her we were going to go with my mum and stepdad to pick her up. So we weren’t intending to really celebrate the new year, but we were going to stay up for it.

So it gets to be about 7.30 and we are both sitting on the couch, Andrew reading while I blog stalk. Mum was due to pick us up at 10pm.  Andrew decides to move to the bedroom… and at about 8.30 he FALLS ASLEEP! I was shocked, but I figured I’d wake him up at 9.30 and he’d come to the airport with me, but when I do he tells me that he’s too tired to come with me. I threatened to tell his mum, because she is really enthusiastic about new years and would be quite appalled. He begged me in a tired, whingey voice not to, and then went back to sleep, and stayed that way untill 7am the next morning!

I ended up taking the little girl instead of Andrew.

It was a great long weekend with Rebecca from Victoria. We went for a long walk, had good conversations and went shopping. I actually bought clothes in real life! I usually only buy clothes on ebay because its easier, cheaper and there are no patronizing shop keepers.

So even though our New Years celebration was not what you would call a celebration, I loved it and would rather do it every year than go out and dance about untill the morning light.

An answered prayer.

6 Jul

We had the best weekend! The standout thing about it though, happened on the 3rd of July.

We went to the video shop, and on the door was a lost dog sign, and it said that the Newfoundland missing was very old and not very well. Also, that he needed his ‘special dog medicine’ or he’d die.

This made us very sad, and I suggested we pray about him… we did while we were walking into the supermarket. About ten minutes later we were walking back to the car and we saw the missing dog being walked by his owner, and the man was taking down all the signs! I was so happy I cried.

It really amazed me. The most amazing thing about it wasn’t that he found his dog, rather that I saw that the dog was found. I would have thought about the lost dog for weeks, if I hadn’t seen him.

🙂 The weekend was amazing other than that too. We spent Saturday night eating pasta, drinking non alcaholic wine and watching Shrek.

On Sunday we went to church, shopping and then to Max Brenner on the Gold Coast.

Oh, and one last thing- WE’RE GETTING ALICE ON SATURDAY.

sushi and gold class.

18 May

I thought that once we were married Id stop living for each weekend. I assumed the weekdays would be just as fun because we could come home to each other and sleep in the same bed every night. The weekdays are really fun, but not so much that it stops me from counting down to friday night almost obsessively. Getting to sleep in together, instead of getting up at 5.30am and going to sleep later than 9.00 pm combined with the fun and different things we can do on the weekend makes this my favourite time of the week. Im going to try and take more photos of our weekends so I can record them fully.

Last weekend (15th and 16th) we went to the sushi train at Mt Gravatt and then to see Robin Hood in Gold Class. Id never had sushi before and I was pleasantly suprised, although I could kind of still taste it even after we’d had our sundae in Gold Class. Bit Weird.

Gold Class was good. Very Expensive though, it costs $40 per ticket. We’d been given vouchers for our wedding so used them, Im not sure it would have been worth it otherwise. I love Russell Crowe. Robin Hood was very enjoyable- even for me, I generally dont like violent movies.